2019 Western Roundup Living Sober Conference San Francisco

The annual Western Roundup Living Sober conference supports individual sobriety and maintains unity, connecting gay, lesbian and transgender members within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Coming Events

Come join us in fellowship and having fun!

WRLS Rummage Sale – Clear Out The Wreckage Of Your Past

The rummage sale is scheduled for Saturday April 13 from 8am to 4pm and Sunday, April 14 from 8am to 2pm @  1040 14th Street, SF.

Donations can be dropped off at 1040 14the Street during the following times:
Friday, April 12th, 4pm to 6pm
Saturday, April 13th, 8am to 4pm

Be a part of supporting what promises to be the best Living Sober conference to date. We are accepting gently used clothing, electronics, CD’s/DVD’s, furniture, appliances, home décor & art. We can come pick up any heavy item donation you have on April 6th.

To make an arrangement for a special pick up of large items, please email operations@livingsober.org. Spots are filling up quick, so contact operations as soon as possible.

We need VOLUNTEERS to help receive donations on April 12 and 13, and also to work the sale on Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14. Shifts are three hours each. For this event, we need everyone’s help. It truly takes all of us to pull this off!

If you haven’t volunteered at any of our events, now’s your chance! 

Sign Up Now To Volunteer for the Rummage Sale!

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The 44th Annual Western Roundup Living Sober Conference

The oldest and longest-running LGBTQ AA Conference with Al-Anon participation in the country continues with the 44th Annual Western Roundup Living Sober Conference! Engaging Workshops | Inspiring Speakers | Fun in Fellowship Holiday Inn Golden Gateway San Francisco August 30 – September 1 Labor Day Weekend. Discounted Holiday Inn Hotel Rates. Guaranteed.

Register For The Conference


Come join us in fellowship and having fun!

Be a Keynote Speaker!

Deadline for submission is April 30, 2019.

Checkout the speaker guidelines and contact us if you are interested in speaking!

Email us at 
speakers@livingsober.org Speaker Guidelines

Help us with events!

It truly takes a village to run a conference. Come make great friends in fellowship helping with any event.

Email us at 

Try Out/Rehearse For The Living Sober Musical

Try Out Rehearsals will take place

4/07, 4/14, 4/21, and 4/28
from 1-4pm
The Gratitude Center
1320 7th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

*With the exception of the first hour on Sunday 04/14/19 when we have scheduled a Musical Committee Planning Meeting.

The Planning Meeting as well as the Try Out Rehearsals are open to all members of AA and Al Anon.

Please wear clothes that you can move in comfortably, and be prepared to sing, play theater games, and dance.

The mission of the musical is to have fun, stay sober, and carry the message of AA. The musical, like Living Sober, includes Al Anon participation. Joining the cast is a 4-5 month service commitment. The cast will perform the one-hour show two times at the Living Sober conference over Labor Day weekend (8/31/19-9/01/19).

The show will be cast in the beginning of May based on participation in April, and availability to attend rehearsals and performances. This fellowship is inclusive, so, everyone who wishes to participate, is willing to get on stage with us, and who attends the April Try Out Rehearsals will be included in the cast. Newcomers are especially encouraged to join us.

Questions? Email Charles M. @ musical@livingsober.org

How We Work

We are volunteers organized into three committees; General Planning, Steering Committee, and an Advisory Board.  Read more about each committee below to see how the Western Roundup Living Sober conference is created each year.

The spiritual principles of the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts and the Six General Warranties of Alcoholics Anonymous are the over-riding guidelines for Living Sober and assure that our leaders are trusted servants; they do not govern. 

General Planning Commitee

All Living Sober volunteers, Subcommittee Co-Chairs and Subcommittee members  are the decision-making body and act as the group conscience of Living Sober.

We get stuff done! We meet at least monthly during the planning year, and as needed.

You can reach us at  

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has the responsibility to oversee daily operations during the planning year, conducts General Planning Committee meetings, assembles the yearly budget for the Conference, and acts as a liaison to all subcommittees.

You can reach us at  

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board acts as the Board of Directors for all legal purposes. It is responsible for all legal and fiduciary matters, has final approval over the yearly budget of the Living Sober Conference and has specific authority to protect the Purpose and Intent of Western Roundup Living Sober of San Francisco.

You can reach us at  

Our Awesome 2019 Team

We couldn’t do this without our volunteers in all the committees! Come join us next year!

General Planning Committee

Al-Anon:  Adam R.,   Mitch M.
Archives:  Nora B.
Art:   Charles L.  Eric L.   Brad B.
Commemoratives:   Eric R., Raymond K.,
Fundraising:   Kenny S.
Information:   Pamela R.
Musical:   Charles M.
Operations: Angel V.,   Anthony L.,   James F.
Outreach:   Seanna L.   Maggie R.
Program:   Eric,  
Registration:   Brianne C.
Speaker:   David M.,   Cher E.

Steering Committee

Chair  Kim S.
Male Co-Chair:  Alex P.
Female Co-Chair:   Leslie K.
Treasurer:   Jan L.
Secretary:   Michael K.

Advisory Board

President  John A.
Vice President:  Lee H.
Treasurer:   Theresa S.
Secretary:   Ken J.
Members At Large:  Mary C.,   Patrick F.,   Lily R.,   Lauren V.


Everyone who attends the fundraisers and conferences helps  us maintain sobriety, fellowship with our community, and support the WRLS conference!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!