Living Sober has relied on the service of AA and Al-Anon members since it started in 1976. The conference comes to life each year through the work of our Trusted Servants and event and conference volunteers. Our committee meetings are open to all and a schedule of upcoming meetings is available below. However you decide to participate in Western Roundup Living Sober 2024 or beyond, we are grateful for your service.

2024 Trusted Servants

We are volunteers organized into three committees: General Planning, Steering Committee, and an Advisory Board. Read more about each committee below to see how the Western Roundup Living Sober conference is created each year. The spiritual principles of the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts and the Six General Warranties of Alcoholics Anonymous are the over-riding guidelines for Living Sober and assure that our leaders are trusted servants; they do not govern.

Our Awesome 2024 Team

Interested in being of service in 2024?
You can attend our MONTHLY General Planning meeting to learn more

Conference Chair: Liz T
Conference Co-Chairs: Spyke L, Steven F
Treasurer: Mary C
Secretary: Warren B

President: Louis C
Vice President: Dee H
Treasurer: Nora B
Secretary: Brett T
Members At Large: Michael K, Kim S, David M, Lauren V, Adam C

Al-Anon: Kathleen G, Peggy Sue
Archives: William H
Art: Jackie C
Commemoratives: Ronaldo C
Conference Services: Ren P, Clay M
Entertainment: Dena A, David L
Fundraising: Lauren R

Information Services: Eric A, Alexander D
Operations: Bernice S, Albert M
Outreach: Cheri G, Pam E
Program: Lee H, Jan L
Registration: Jose L, Caleb D
Speaker: Ken J, Tom S

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Living Sober Meeting Calendar

All of our meetings are open to anyone who is a member of the AA and Al-Anon fellowships. The calendar below lists the next 5 committee meetings (click here for the full calendar). Our in-person General Planning and Advisory Board meetings are held in the upstairs community room at the Bank of America, 501 Castro Street and 18th in San Francisco. We also meet on Zoom. All of our other meetings are currently held on Zoom. Each event listing will contain the zoom link. If you have problems with a link or need to report an issue, please email

Be of service: Volunteer!

“Helping others is the foundation stone of recovery.”

AA and Al-Anon members who volunteer for event, fundraiser, and conference commitments help Living Sober continue to carry the message to LGBTQIA+ fellows throughout the year. We are continuously looking for volunteers for year-round events and this year’s conference.