Saturdays Noon–3pm
Rehearsals for the 2018 Living Sober Musical Jolene
Lennon Studios 468 9th Street SF 94103


If you are interested in being part of the cast of Jolene, like singing in the chorus, playing an instrument, or helping with production design and management, please contact Raymond K. first before showing up to the rehearsals at ‭(415) 272-4176 or email us‬ at We encourage both the members of AA and Al-Anon to participate. You don’t need to be a singer nor an actor to be part of the team. Your commitment to being of service is our core focus while helping you stay sober and find a fun creative outlet. Let’s make this musical the best Western Roundup Living Sober Conference’s musical ever.




Joe is a handsome young man with a drinking problem who also struggles with his identity. He gets himself into a relationship with Peter and though dysfunctional, seems to work. Joe encounters his former college girlfriend, Celeste, who is a member of Al-Anon. Joe goes with Celeste to pursue recovery, (who confides she is a lesbian), and through the Program of AA, he gets a sponsor and begins working the Steps. As his life comes together as a result of these Steps and a relationship with his higher power, Joe realizes he would really only become comfortable in his own skin if he transitions! Without any means to finance such an undertaking the new-found friends in AA and Al-Anon begin a unique form of the 7th Tradition to underwrite his transition. Joe becomes Jolene and with her new-found trustworthy friends and her new-found honesty open-mindedness and willingness she celebrates a new-found place she can call “Home.”