We are survivors

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We are survivors

March 18, 2020 blog 0

Hello friends!  I hope this finds you safe, healthy, sober and well.

These are crazy times we’re living in.  It seems like day by day, and really, hour by hour there is more news, more changes to our way of living and more worry.  It’s hard not to hit the panic button and assume the very worse.

I remember back in 2015, there was a night I was laying in bed in rough shape.  I had gone about 48 hours without alcohol, and I was experiencing hallucinations, tremors, and extreme discomfort.  Out of panic, I called a dear friend who drove me to the Emergency Room where I was treated for alcohol withdrawals.  Laying on the hospital bed completely exhausted and in a haze, my friend reached over to wipe the tears streaming down my face and told me “you are going to be ok, you will make it through this”.

Fast-forward to 2017, I had spent 18 months struggling to stay sober.  I couldn’t get more than a month without slipping.  I was lying to my sponsor and trying to do things my own way.   I finally hit a breaking point after spending a business trip in Southern California completely sick and exhausted from my drinking.  Upon returning, I met with my sponsor and broke down – confessing everything I had been doing.  Calmly and lovingly he asked me if I was willing to turn my will over and do whatever it takes to get sober.  I tearfully told him yes, and he said “You will get through this if you do the work”.

I haven’t had a drink since and life as I know it has changed in ways I could never have imagined.

We all have our story. The details of what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now may vary, but the one common theme we all share is that we are survivors.  We have all lived through our own personal hell, and through the guidance of a sponsor to work the Steps, the connections of the fellowship, and the support we get in meetings, we have survived what seemed impossible to overcome.

With the state of the world now, it’s hard not to get sucked into apocalyptic thoughts of doom and gloom.  Our way of living as we know it has changed with many of us seeing impacts to our jobs, social interactions, and our means of recovery.  Just like my friend told me while I was laying in that hospital bed, or my sponsor comforting me in the coffee shop, I have to remind myself that “we are going to be ok and make it through this”.  I can’t imagine trying to weather this storm right now without the guiding principles of Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon, and the support of the fellowship.  I am grateful to have an established relationship with my Higher Power and that I can rely on Step 11 for prayer and meditation to calm my nerves and clear my mind.  I can apply Step 12 and be of service to my fellows in need.   While our conditions of living have changed, our recovery doesn’t have to.

We are survivors, each and every one of us.  We will survive this too, One Day at a Time.  

I hope you are taking care of yourselves and each other.  There are a growing number of online meetings available, so you don’t have to miss a day without one.  I am pleased to let you know that we are offering a daily-weekday virtual AA Meetings at 12:00 pm (PDT) starting today.   Our Living Sober Today! Meeting is open and free to all.  We also have a phone list available, if you would like to take calls or chats, we encourage you to add your name, as well as use it to reach out to other fellows.

I am open to any other suggestions on how we can help or provide additional resources to the community.  Please email me at Chair@livingsober.org

Stay safe, stay healthy, and most important..stay sober!  We’ll get through this together!


Add your name to our Phone List: http://bit.ly/LST-phonelist


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