The oldest & longest running LGBTQ Alcoholics Anonymous conference with Al-Anon participation in the world.

Western Roundup Living Sober will host a virtual conference for a second year. The success of the 2020 conference showed us the extent to which using an online platform could help us reach people from around the world. Meeting online allowed us to honor state and local guidelines while also cultivating fellowship. In the end, we were able to maximize, rather than minimize, participation.

After our first go-round, we have learned a great deal, so we now endeavor to increase accessibility by including ASL interpretation at as many events and workshops as possible. This is no small undertaking. The cost to fully include ASL interpretation is around $20,000, of which we have raised approximately $6,000 so far through April 2021. We will once again make the conference free to any who wish to attend, but we will rely on the generous donations of our community members to the Living Sober General Fund, which covers these costs. Any shortfall in fundraising will result in less ASL interpretation being provided, so we would love for those who can contribute to please help us hit this goal.

We would also like to encourage those who can afford to donate monthly as a Sustaining Member. Having continuity in fundraising allows us to concentrate efforts to broaden our conference capabilities in the future, such as providing a virtual component to future conferences, accessibility to the hearing and visually impaired community, and enhanced programming options. Did you know our monthly operating expenses (storage, website, clerical, etc.) are about $1,000? We generally bring in about this much at each fundraiser, so we depend heavily on conference registration funds to make up the difference. Wouldn’t it be great if our monthly events were focused on fellowship rather than fundraising? Having a consistent donation stream also allows us to predict costs better and lower registration fees for the conference. If 200 people donated $5 a month, that would help us cover our monthly expenses. If you donate more, it goes directly to the conference programming, scholarships, and lower registration fees! We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization.

Signing up is easy! When you click the link to donate, select the “Make this a monthly donation” option. More will be announced on this endeavor as we approach the conference and at the conference.

In Love and Service,

WRLS 2021 Trusted Servants


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