The oldest & longest running LGBTQ Alcoholics Anonymous conference with Al-Anon participation in the world.

Thank You! Progress not Perfection on One Incredible Weekend!

WOW!  What a weekend!  I never doubted that this weekend would be great, but I never could have imagined just how wonderful it truly would be. I needed this weekend, as I am sure many of you needed this weekend.  Being with all of you has reminded me that I am not alone, and we…
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October 3, 2020 0

Conference Like You’ve Never Seen!

We are now a month away from opening our virtual doors and welcoming the world to the 45th Annual Western Roundup Living Sober Conference!!! This year continues to be challenging on so many levels.  As the pandemic continues we are also faced with political turmoil and civil unrest across our country and the world.  Through all…
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July 27, 2020 0

UPDATE on our 2020 Conference…We’re going Virtual!

Western Roundup Living Sober has been a pioneer and trailblazer in the LGBTQ Sober Community. We still claim our steak as the longest running LGBTQ Sober Roundup in the world. From our conception in 1976 we have celebrated many successes, shared life-changing moments, and weathered storms together, coming out stronger on the other side. During…
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July 12, 2020 0

We are survivors

Hello friends!  I hope this finds you safe, healthy, sober and well. These are crazy times we’re living in.  It seems like day by day, and really, hour by hour there is more news, more changes to our way of living and more worry.  It’s hard not to hit the panic button and assume the…
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March 18, 2020 0

Love is in the air!

February is here which for many invokes memories of exchanging Valentines at school, or memories past and present with the ones we love most.  I’ve learned over the years that love comes in many forms. My personal experience in AA and Al-Anon has opened my heart to a whole new type of love I never…
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February 13, 2020 0

New Year New Hope

It’s a new year which for many (including me) means a fresh new start, new resolutions and new hope.  Traditionally I take down my holiday decorations on New Years Day, not only because I like to start the new year off with a clean house, but it also gives me time to put the holidays…
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January 14, 2020 0

The Spirit of Giving

I have always loved the holidays!   It’s the time of year for reflection, giving thanks, and being of service to others.  For us in recovery, we strive to practice these principals in all our affairs throughout the entire year.  At Western Roundup Living Sober, service to others is at the heart of all we do…
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December 17, 2019 0

Progress Not Perfection

“…we claim spiritual Progress rather than spiritual Perfection.” Page 60 – The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous One of the first responsibilities I was tasked with as Chair for the 2020 – 45th Annual Western Roundup Living Sober Conference was to select a theme.   The theme provides guidance, direction, and helps us focus on…
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November 18, 2019 0

Welcome to Western Roundup Living Sober 2020!

It’s a new year for us at Western Roundup Living Sober! There is still a lot energy and excitement as we close out a successful 2019 year that was topped off with our wonderful conference! We have new and exciting things planned for the coming year, including fundraisers, community outreach, and of course the 45th…
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October 18, 2019 0