Sunday 1:30pm
Encore Performance Jolene
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway 1500 Van Ness Ave. SF 94109


Joe is a handsome young man with a drinking problem who also struggles with his identity. He gets himself into a relationship with Peter and though dysfunctional, seems to work. Joe encounters his former college girlfriend, Celeste, who is a member of Al-Anon. Joe goes with Celeste to pursue recovery, (who confides she is a lesbian), and through the Program of AA, he gets a sponsor and begins working the Steps. As his life comes together as a result of these Steps and a relationship with his higher power, Joe realizes he would really only become comfortable in his own skin if he transitions! Without any means to finance such an undertaking the new-found friends in AA and Al-Anon begin a unique form of the 7th Tradition to underwrite his transition. Joe becomes Jolene and with her new-found trustworthy friends and her new-found honesty open-mindedness and willingness she celebrates a new-found place she can call “Home.”