Thank You! Progress not Perfection on One Incredible Weekend!

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Thank You! Progress not Perfection on One Incredible Weekend!

October 3, 2020 Uncategorized 0

WOW!  What a weekend!  I never doubted that this weekend would be great, but I never could have imagined just how wonderful it truly would be.

I needed this weekend, as I am sure many of you needed this weekend.  Being with all of you has reminded me that I am not alone, and we are all in this together.  My heart is bursting right now, and I am feeling an intense mixture of hope, love and gratitude.

I want to thank our incredible General Planning Committee with the support of our Advisory Board for making the impossible possible, and delivering a most memorable weekend for us. We started this year as a Committee, and ended as a unique family bound together by an experience we’ve never had before, and will never have again.  Like every family, we laughed together, we fought and made up, we shared frustration, we cried (mostly me…I cried the most) but now we stand together able to look back, proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

I had the immense honor of working along side this year’s Steering Committee:

Anthony L. – Community Co-Chair 

Brianne C. – Conference Co-Chair

Peyton R. – Treasurer 

Raymond K. – Secretary

Raymond, Peyton, Brianne, and Anthony lead with confidence, inquisitive minds and open hearts.  Whenever we stumbled, or were faced with yet another challenge, they reminded me our Conference theme – Progress not Perfection.   It became our mantra, because we knew perfect was unattainable, but Progress is our way of life.

I want to also thank all of our countless volunteers that helped us throughout the year, and especially this weekend, to ensure we had a safe, seamless experience.  I also want to give a big thanks to our Speakers, Workshop facilitators, and meeting and event hosts!

Lastly and most certainly not least, I want to thank all of you…our community, our fellowship, and now all of you, who are part of the Western Roundup Living Sober family.   We would not have been able to do this without your love and support.  We may be the ones that plan and produce the Conference, but it is all of you that make it memorable and special.

When I first began my service as Chair, I had so many dreams and fantasies of what I wanted this year’s Conference to look like.  “God had other plans”.

This may not have been the Conference Scott initially wanted, but I can now see it was absolutely the Conference that was meant to be, and I am incredibly, humbled and grateful to have been a part of it.

This weekend is just a small part of cherished memories I will hold tight from this year.  I will fondly look back at the fun and rewarding fundraising events we held, the planning meetings filled with lots of thoughtful discussion, and more than anything I will treasure the great relationships that were made.

Being a part of Western Roundup Living Sober in 2020 has been an incredible blessing in my life, and I am honored to have been entrusted to serve as Chair.  I appreciate the role all of you have played in my own recovery, and thank you for letting me be of service.

I wish next year’s Steering Committee and General Planning Committees the very best of luck, and can’t wait to see what’s next for Western Roundup Living Sober!

Thank you and God Bless!