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Western Roundup Living Sober has produced and collected material from the past 34 years and has displayed that material each year at the Western Roundup Living Sober conference.

At the 2008 Western Roundup Living Sober Conference, the Archives Committee began the process of organizing, cataloging, digital imaging, displaying, and generally improving the preservation of the archival material by conference year. The Committee prepared an electronic Archives Catalog and is uploading selected material to the web archive pages from the digitized material.  The Web Archives information is constantly being expanded as new material is added.

The 2014 Archives Committee as well as previous committees reorganized the Western Roundup Living Sober Archives into the following collections:

  • Material Archives - Items such as commemoratives; other non-printed items; speaker audio recordings on cassette and CD; over-sized printed items, including framed and unframed posters.  These items have been electronically cataloged in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Paper Archives - Printed, hand-written documents and photographs, books, etc.  These paper documents are maintained in three ring binders (a binder for each year) organized by members of the Advisory Board and various committees.
  • Digital Archives - Electronic documents in various formats including MS Office, pdf, jpg, etc.  These digital archives include scanned images, digital photographs and original computer-generated application documents.  They are stored on external hard drives and CDs.
  • Web Archives - Selected material from the Digital Archives is available at www.livingsober.org/archives.  The Living Sober Web ArchivesProject is a joint effort of the 2014 Living Sober Archives Committee and the Information Committee.

Selected items from the Material Archives are displayed each year in the
Archives Room at the Western Roundup Living Sober Conference.

What’s New in the 2014 Archive Display?

This year we have compiled for the first time a binder of paper documents for each Conference year and will display these at the Conference.  Conference attendees can leaf through these binders and look at the documents.

Please contact the Archives Committee
if you would like to do any of the following:

  • Donate items from past Western Roundup Living Sober Conferences to the Archive.  We are especially looking for documents from 1976-1982 and 2000-2005;
  • Share experiences you had at or as a result of one or more of the Conferences. You can share  your experiences with us via email;
  • Join the Archives Committee and help with organizing, preserving, cataloging, and displaying the archive material both at the Conference and on the web.

Please click here to send an email to the Archives Committee. We would be
honored to make you a part of the Archives project.

The Western Roundup Living Sober Archives Team

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