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Welcome to the Western Roundup / Living Sober Web Archives. These web resources are part of a multi-year project to make available on the World Wide Web selected digital images of print and physical archival material gathered from past Western Roundup / Living Sober conferences. We are very pleased to be able to facilitate the sharing of the Living Sober Archival material via computer and internet technology. Images are continually being added to the archive so visit often to view new material.

The first Western Roundup / Living Sober was held June 25, 26 and 27 at the Student Union Building at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.  198 people attended that year.

The conference has been held every year for the past 38 years. Western Roundup / Living Sober is the oldest and longest continuously held lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) AA Conference in the world.

The 1976 Western Roundup was founded by a core group of five people: Don H., Bob H., Moss, Jim P. and Louis D.  The idea for the conference was inspired by a one-day AA conference in Sacramento, CA that was attended by several of the founding core members.  An interview was held in 1995 with co-founder Bob H. and can be found on the Featured Selections page of this archive.

The conference has grown into a three-day event, and at its height, attendance exceeded 5,000 people.  Living Sober has inspired the founding of over fifteen LGBT Roundups in the US and Canada, and others around the world.

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If you attended past years' Western Roundup/Living Sober conferences and have archival material that you would like to donate to the archive (especially from 1976-1982 and 2000-2005), or to share experiences you had at one or more of the Living Sober conferences, please click here to send email to the Archives Committee. We would be pleased to receive these materials and help make you part of the archive project.

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